Software Development

Client Servicing

When it comes to serving our clients, we at MM Infosystems give nothing but our best. As a team, we share the belief that our clients are the essence of our existence, and this can be clearly witnessed in our courteous ways and impressive offerings to every business that we cater to. In order for our clients to rest assured that everything is being taken care of with extreme meticulousness, we implement all our projects at the customer site itself. And while we offer our conscientiously developed ERP Tool for SMEs known as erPro, we also offer a wide array of auxiliary services including but not limited to 0.

  • Information Mapping
  • Recommendations
  • Customized Solutions Implementation
  • Integration & Testing
  • Training the Customer Team
  • After Sales Service (including continuous upgrade of technology)
  • End-to-End Implementation


We, at MM Infosystems, believe that every business is unique and so are its needs. Hence, erPro, our flagship ERP solution has been carefully designed to cater to the requirements of varied industries and environments. Our software is not only capable of enhancing the value of your business by integrating various business process, increasing operational efficiencies and reducing costs, but can also be customized to suit your preferences and business objectives.

Integration and Testing

When it comes to offering a flawless ERP solution such as erPro, testing the links between various modules and ensuring seamless integration of all departments is extremely imperative, more so when the solution is customised in a manner that helps a business achieve its short and long-term objectives. To this end, our proficient team at MM Infosystems undertakes the integration and testing function from a process-oriented perspective with an unmatched finesse.


When an ERP solution is deployed by an organisation, it brings along some inherent changes. The most prominent of these changes is the integration of various business functions and processes. This implies that people from all the departments will be required to use the same software. In this case, for the information to flow seamlessly, and for it to be equally comprehensible by one and all, each department needs to have a comparatively broader understanding of the functioning of other departments. It is at this point when an experienced team from MM Infosystems steps in and offers the much-needed Pre & Post Implementation Training to all the employees who are supposed to use the software. Needless to say, this training is one of the soundest investment that a company which is new to an ERP solution can make.

Areas of Our Expertise

For all you know, MM Infosystems truly stand unparalleled when it comes to ensuring Total Quality Management. We take immense pride in offering state-of-the-art industry-specific ERP Solutions that are not only efficient but are fairly affordable as well. Moreover, we ensure complete confidentiality, so that our clients can reap the benefits of the competitive edge that our ERP solution offers them. Add to this our dependable consistency in offering After Sales Service, including continuous upgrade of technology and you have the ERP solution provider of your dreams.

Of course, all of this is made possible only because of our highly trained personnel, well-equipped with extensive hands-on practical experience on all platforms, particularly of Microsoft and Oracle based products. Our team consistently works towards offering solutions that are based on real-world experiences backed by thorough research.

We hope that you now understand, why we promote ourselves as the best in business! So, here is a shout out to you all – Partner with us, and revel in a truly satisfying, value-for-money ERP Solution that will help your business scale the heights of success.

Technical Expertise

Being an ERP Solution Provider, we consider it as our onus to have impeccable technical expertise. And just so you know, you can rely on our proficient team to offer you remarkable services across –

Developmental Platforms – Right from Windows to Windows NT and a wide array Linux and Unix-based systems.

Rapid Application Development Tools: Right from Oracle forms & reports to Internet Developer Suite & Designer, from Visual Basic to Java, from HTML 5 to Dot Net.

Relational and Object Databases: Oracle 10g/11g, SQL Server, MS Access and more.