ERP Implementation

ERP Implementation and Customization

MM Infosystems is a team of skilled manpower with functional expertise, technical skills and ERP Software implementation experience. Our efficient team can take up any challenge and assist you in augmenting your resources swiftly and efficiently. MM Infosystems ctly at the time when it’s required.

ERP Implementation

MM Infosystems has a separate Team for implementation of erPro that undertakes the entire implementation at the customer site. erPro is one of the easiest ERP tool, which does not take up too much time to implement.

ERP Customization

erPro has been designed with MM Infosystems’s long experience in varied industries and environments covering different processes, functionalities and skill sets but can be further customized as per the needs and requirements of the customer.

ERP Integration and testing

Testing the links between various ERP modules that integrates all departments that have been built on a customized basis is another inherent function. As with customization, testing ERP integration has to be done from a process-oriented perspective. Team MM Infosystems does this with finesse.

ERP Training

Training is the near – unanimous choice of experienced ERP implementers as the most important facet of any ERP implementation. Team MM Infosystems provides training, as end users almost invariably have to learn a new set of processes, not just a new software interface.

Remember that with ERP, finance people will be using the same software as store people and they will both be entering information that affects the other. To do this accurately, they have to have a much broader understanding of how others in the company do their jobs than they did before ERP came along. Team MM Infosystems imparts Pre and post implementation training to the end users. Training is considered to be the best ERP investment one ever makes.

Customized Solution Development

“We, at MM Infosystems also develop lots of customized LAN based and Web-based software as per customer need. With the help of latest technology and CASE (Computer Aided Software Engineering) tools, we fulfill the customer’s requirements efficiently and effectively. Our thorough understanding of the domain and planned/ structured SDLC (software Development Life Cycle) helps us to deliver quality out put in JIT (Just in time).”

We also provide dedicated teams of Oracle 9i and Developer 2000 experts for onsite/offsite Software development & implementation assignments

ERP Training

We provide ERP training for those, who are planning to implement the ERP in their organization or wants to know the real utilization of ERP in different verticals. The Training is focused on the followings-

  • ERP evaluation
  • Implementation procedure
  • Customization methodology
  • Performance Tracking and analysis
  • Resource requirement and analysis
  • ERP risks and threats

Vast and real life experience in different business processes of our trainers helps you to understand various facts of ERP with the queries in your mind.

IT Consultancy & Licensing

Looking at the need of various Business Houses and corporate, we also provide IT consultancy in following areas:-

  • BPR (Business Process Reengineering)
  • Infrastructure Management
  • Turn Key Project Consulting
  • Work flow Designing
  • IT Audit
  • Software License sourcing

As a part of turn key projects, we also help in Licensing our clients sites by supporting our clients in procurement of authentic licenses for Operating Systems, Data Basis and Other designing & operational Software.