Internet of Things

Now that high-speed internet is not a distant dream anymore, the world of Information Technology has its eyes on the next big thing, and that is none other than Internet of Things, or as we know it, IoT. For those are new to this concept, IoT is nothing but the interlinking of a wide array of physical devices such as electrical fittings, vehicles, buildings, etc. – All of which are meticulously embedded with specialised software complete with sensors and actuators and enabled with network connectivity which allows them to collect and exchange data seamlessly.

What We Offer

At MM Infosystems, we have a clear understanding of the sheer scope as well as the underlying potential of industrial IoT, and therefore we offer custom IoT solutions designed to suit your business needs. We avail ready to use solutions for a wide array of verticals, including but not limited to –

  • Agricultural Farms
  • Cargo and Fleet Management
  • Manufacturing Units
  • Healthcare Facilities

Even if you’re new to this concept, you can always rely on our team of expert professionals to guide you in the right direction, so that you partner with us to –

  • Pinpoint the problem areas in your business that IoT can resolve
  • Help unveil industry insights
  • Aid in the creation of an IoT roadmap
  • Kick-start a user-centric business process transformation

Once this is taken care of, the dedicated team at MM Infosystems will ensure the seamless functioning of IoT in your company. Thanks to our integrated operations platform complete with enterprise information, process management, and IoT platform support services, you can then sit back and reap the benefits of this path-breaking technology!

You can conveniently rely on MM Infosystems IoT Solutions to help you –

  • Monitor workplace environment
  • Track Real-time Location
  • Usage and Wear & Tear of Equipment
  • Monitor Energy Consumption
  • Control Shock and Abuse of Equipment

Our Specialisations

  • Iot Device Management
  • Remote Iot Platform Management
  • Iot Data Science & Analytics
  • IT/OT Convergence

Why MM Infosystems for IoT Solutions?

We are the best in business when it comes to offering cutting-edge IoT Solutions. And we don’t just say this for the heck of it, but because we have a distinct and streamlined process in place.

We begin by understanding the needs of your business. Then we define an ideal IoT landscape for you. Next, we design custom IoT solutions for your needs. For what they’re worth, our solutions are not just Technology driven but also Business and Strategy driven. And that is exactly what makes us stand out!