MM Info is located in Gurgaon – Haryana, an internationally known I.T. Hub of North , in the National Capital Region of India, about 15 km. from New Delhi International Airport.

The operations of the Company are situated in an ultra modern I.T. Park , known as “Spaze ITech Park” at 1044, Tower B2, 10th Floor, Spaze iTech Park, Sector 49, Sohna Road, Gurgaon, Haryana, India


MM Info has all the necessary equipments like the latest high-end Servers, Clients, Internet Connections and other modern communication facilities to work on three tier environments.

There are computers, Laptops and servers in the premises to augment the facilities. Apart from that, we have web-servers co-located at third party data centers, to cater to the web version of erPro, around the globe, 24×7.


MM Info is a team of highly skilled manpower with functional expertise, technical skills and ERP implementation experience. Our efficient team can take up any challenge and assist the client in augmenting and updating resources swiftly and efficiently exactly at the time when it is required.


MM Info has complete facilities for a World Class delivery system, to enable customized I.T. Products, Services and training for a vast range of applications : Men – Machines – Methodology.


  • As is where is mapping
  • Recommendations
  • Customized Solutions Implementation
  • Integration & Testing
  • Training the customer team
  • After Sales Service (including continuous upgrade of technology)


MM Info has adequate expertise for implementation of projects which undertake the entire implementation at the customer site. MM Info has developed an ERP Tool for SME’s under the brand erPro which is an IT brand to reckon with for wide range of industries with targeted implementations.


erPro has been designed with MM Info’s long experience in varied industries and environments covering different processes, functionalities and skill sets but can be further customized as per the needs and requirements of the customer.

Integration and Testing

Testing the links between various ERP modules that integrates all departments that have been built on a customized basis is another inherent function. As with customization, testing ERP integration has to be done from a process-oriented perspective. Team MM info does this with finesse.


Remember that with ERP, finance people will be using the same software as store people and they will both be entering information that affects the other. To do this accurately, they have to have a much broader understanding of how others in the company do their jobs than they did before ERP came along. Team MM imparts Pre and post implementation training to the end users. Training is considered to be the best ERP investment one ever makes.


We provide the most efficient and cost effective ERP Software solutions available, with complete confidentiality and consistency. This is MM Info’s motto for Total Quality Management. We have a team of highly trained personnel, well equipped with extensive hands-on practical experience on all platforms but more particularly of Microsoft and Oracle based products. A technical team of highly experienced professionals at the corporate level further trains them rigorously on an ongoing basis. All the solutions we deliver are based on real-world experiences backed by thorough research.


The technology areas in which we have the expertise are:

PLATFORMS: We offer services on a range of developmental platforms including Windows / Windows NT and various Linux and Unix-based systems

RAPID APPLICATION DEVELOPMENT TOOLS: Our clients have a choice of tools such as Oracle forms and reports, Internet Developer Suite and Designer, Visual Basic, Java, HTML 5 and Dot Net etc.

DATABASES: While our main strength is in relational databases such as Oracle 10g/11g we also have expertise in Object Database such as SQL Server, MS Access and more.