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Operational Excellence

Essentially defined as the state of brilliance in both resource management as well as productivity, operational excellence usually results in optimal utilisation of time and money. At MM Infosystems, we understand the importance of this aspect and hence take every measure possible in order to ensure that the ERP solutions we deliver help your business achieve unmatched excellence. To this end, we help you in -

  • Streamlining the processes
  • Eliminating redundant data
  • Reducing Costs
  • Improving quality
  • Offering Actionable Insights
  • Reaching optimal levels of performance

Managerial Effectiveness

One of the most imperative pillars of a successful business venture, Managerial Effectiveness can only be achieved when the management has seamless access to the requisite data and information in a usable form. Not only does such data ensure quick and informed decision-making, but also allows for increased effectiveness of decisions. With the ERP Solutions offered by MM Infosystems, you can conveniently enjoy a consolidated view of all the information that you need, regardless of the expanse, the duration or the location of your business. We can help you ensure -

  • Efficient deployment of resources
  • Consistency in processes
  • Increased customer satisfaction

Strategic Enablement

Resolving operational issues day in and day out can have an adverse impact on your long-term and short-term strategies. Introduction of ERP Solutions offered by MM Infosystems can help you increase the operational efficiency, thus helping your business march ahead on the path of Strategic Enablement. This will help you focus your faculties on -

  • Innovation in processes
  • Diversification in offerings
  • Overall growth and development of the business

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Seminar on GST

GST implementation has been completed in erPro. Attend seminar hosted by MM Infosystems on the details on 25-May-2017 at Hotel…

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    In process of implementation of GST, MM info has tried to keep the current process flow for all your inward and outward movement of material and services with all relevant changes of GST as per the new GST Law requirements, so that our clients have to do the least changes in their working and least learning is required under the new regime of GST.

    But to have a seamless updation of GST returns GSTR-1 and GSTR-2 MM info has defined certain new process flows in our ERP “erPro” which are:
    1) Supplementary (Sale/Purchase) booking
    2) Reverse Charge Mechanism
    3) Service/Expense Bill clearing (for nonmaterial services and expenses) for ITC..

  2. 2
    ERPro is now GST ready.

    Our ERP software is now ready with all relevant GST changes at various masters, transactions and reports level. The ERP Software we offer is now available with Taxes based on GST rules where in you can issue a Purchase Order, Sales Order, Invoice, MRN and Accounting Vouchers with SGST, CGST and IGST duly applied.Not only this the masters have been modified to add the desired components of GST like definition of GST master, defining the HSN no and GST rates item wise in item master, the type of party with all relevant details in party master and GST state codes in state master and many more relevant changes as per the requirement of GST.ERPro is also ready with Invoice, Purchase Order, Debit/Credit Note formats as per the prescribed formats of GST rules.Now you can not only generate monthly GSTR-1, GSTR-2 and GSTR-3 but can also upload these returns directly to GSTN server from ERPRO ERP through API integration without any manual hassel.ERPro will provide all other relevant monthly and annual GST returns on click of a button.

  3. 3
    Multi item scrapping process added to ERP, thereby enabling the user to do the bulk scraping of different items in erPro workable which will help reduce the process of scraping process in any manufacturing industry.

  4. 4
    New feature of Auditing the inter unit transactions including inter unit sales and purchase introduced in the ERP system through reporting of cross unit transactions.

    This feature enables the user to reconcile the transaction taking place in multiple units of multi location organisation.